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  • 2019

      K. Deb, S. Banerjee, R. Bag, and A. Das, “Tutorial Gap identification Towards Student Modeling using Fuzzy Logic ,” International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Education vol- xx No. xx pp. xx-xx, 2019. (Accepted)  

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  • 2018

    Koyel Chakraborty, Siddhartha Bhattacharyya, Rajib Bag, and Aboul Alla Hassanien, “Comparative Sentiment Analysis On a Set of Movie Reviews Using Deep Learning Approach,” AMLTA 2018, Egypt, Cairo. 

    R. P. Chatterjee
    , C. Ray, and R.Bag,A comparative study on Latest Substring Association  Rule  Mining and Hidden Markov Model,” International Conference on Computer, Electrical & Communication Engineering, IEEE, Dec, 2017.

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     Koyel Chakraborty, Siddhartha Bhattacharyya, Rajib Bag, and AboulAlla Hassanien “Sentiment Analysis on a Set of Movie Reviews Using Deep Learning Techniques,” In Social Network Analytics – Computational Research Methods and Techniques. Elsevier Inc.  (Book Chapter)

  • 2017

     A. Das, K. Deb,S. Banerjee, and  R. Bag, “A New Method for Tutorial Gap Identification towards Students Modeling,” International Conference on Advances in Science and Technology, pp-318- 321, march 2017.  

      S. Roy, I. Mallik, and S. Moulik, “PAG-MAC: Prioritized Allocation of GTSs in IEEE 802.15.4   MAC protocol - A dynamic approach based on Analytic Hierarchy Process,” 14th IEEE INDICON , 2017.

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  • 2016

      S. Banerjee, A. Taraphdar, R. Bag, et al, “Binary expansion based denoising algorithm for an image corrupted by Gaussian noise,” CSIT (2016), CSI Transaction on ICT, Springer, doi:10.1007/s40012-016-0151-7, pp 1-5

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  • 2015

    D. Chatterjee, and A. Bandyopadhyay,” Important Gene Selection Based on Gene Expression using Hopfield Network ,”  CiiT International Journal of Networking and Communication Engineering, Vol.7, No. 1, pp. 1-4, Jan,2015.

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    Aritra Bandyopadhyay, Subhendu Banerjee, Rajib Bag, Atanu Das, “A Re-look and Renovation over State -of-the-Art Salt and Pepper Noise Removal Techniques”, International Journal of Image, Graphics and  Signal Processing(IJIGSP),ISSN: 2074-9074(print), ISSN:2074-9082(online), Vol.7, No. 9, pp. 61-69,August 2015, Published Online August 2015  MECS Press (

    Shubhendu Banerjee, Aritra Bandyopadhyay, Rajib Bag, Atanu Das, “Moderate Density Salt &Pepper Noise Removal”, International Journal of Electronics and Communication Technology, (IJECT), ISSN: 2230-7109 (Online), 2230-9543 (Print), Vo l. 6, Issue 1, Spl-1, pp. 44-48, Jan - March 2015.

    Shubhendu Banerjee, Aritra Bandyopadhyay, Rajib Bag, Atanu Das, “Sequentially Combined Mean-Median Filter for High Density Salt & Pepper Noise Removal”, 2015 IEEE International  Conference on Research In Computational Intelligence and Communication Networks , pp 21-26,   November , 2015

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  • 2014

    Brototi Choudhury(Mondal), “A Genetic Algorithm (GA) based load Balancing Strategy for Cloud      Computing,” International Conference on International Conference on “Computational Intelligence: Modelling, Techniques and applications( CIMTA-2013) published for Procedia  Technology, ELSEVIER, 2014 

    Shubhendu Banerjee, Aritra Bandyopadhyay, Rajib Bag, Atanu Das, “Neighborhood Based Pixel Aproximation for High Level Salty and Pepper Noise Removal”, CiiT International Journal of Digital Image Processing, Print-ISSN: 0974-9691, Online-ISSN 0974-9586, Vol. 6, Issue: 8, pp. 346-351, September, 2014.

    A. Halder and  C. Giri, “Brain Tumor Detection using Segmentation Based Object Labeling  Algorithm, ”IEEE conference on Electronics, Communication and Instrumentation (ICECI) , DOI:0.1109/ICECI.2014.6767389, Jan, 2014,pp 1-4.

    Mridul Ghosh, and Debotosh Bhattacharjee, “An Efficient Characterization of Gait for Human  Identification, ” I.J. Image, Graphics and Signal Processing , 2014,vol. 7, pp. 19-27.

  • 2012

    Brototi Choudhury(Mondal), “Load balancing in cloud computing using Stochastic Hill Climbing  algorithm-A soft computing approach,” 2nd International Conference on Computer  Communication, Control and Information Technology  (C3IT ,2012), Vol-4, pp-783-789.


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