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Predictive Analysis of Rainfall Data to manage water flow in dams of a specific region(Applied to AICTE on January, 2017.)

Objective -

  1. To stop flooding of large areas of land which results in destruction of natural environment.
  2. To maintain the water flow in canals for Irrigation.
  3. To effectively store water in the reservoirs for supplying water in drought areas enhancing Agriculture.
  4. To predict seasonal rainfall of that region.


Expected Outcome –

  1. Rainfall prediction of the next few years.
  2. Amount of water to be released and stored in the dam.
  3. Increase of the level of agricultural production even in drought conditions.
  4. Automatic control of Hydraulics in dams.



A Beacon of Hope: Making Shopping Personal and Smart with Big Data(Applied to DST on Dec, 2016).

Objective :
• To improve the analysis of customers’ sentiment and to provide the best product with less effort and less time consumption.
• To provide an introduction to applying Information Architecture techniques for retailers.
• To invent new and better business processes and efficiencies and they will do so by evolving their      Information Architecture in an impactful manner.
• To implement automated search system which will increase the physical shopping

Expected Outcome : A Smart System which will help our society in personalized buying and business which may increase our countries GDP. The Internet has (traditionally) been seen to be about connecting people and information. We are now dealing with a level of abstraction beyond that. Communication with other country people may be a problem for the retail shop owner which may lead to reduce shopping. This system leads to communication-less shopping where an individual can finds his/her product and also knows the product details without the interaction with respective person on the floor. Thus increases the business and also analyzed the customer sentiments automatically.