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Innovations by the Faculty in Teaching and Learning:

·         Digital Learning Infusion – adopting digital technologies enable opportunities for greater active student learning that is valued, visible, connected and progressive. The faculty uses multimedia tools to modify the contents of the materials and present it to the students.

·         Self centric learning Students are expected to do their own learning so that they gain a full understanding of the content. Increased student involvement allows students to feel responsible for their own learning and they should learn more through this individual learning.

·         Students are involved in self learning through online spoken tutorial course conducted by IIT Bombay and video lecture notes under NPTEL Local Chapter conducted by IITKGP.

·         Through interactive sessions, the faculties and students communicated between themselves which improvised the teaching – learning.

·         Through flipped classroom method , the faculties and students discuss  between themselves.

·         Students are divided into teams to improvise their team work. They were encouraged to play a team member role.

·         Students are trained in house or by industry professionals in different industry related subjects in group and after trained, these student groups will train the other students through Incubation & EDP Cell.

·         The faculties conducted technical quiz frequently on their respective subjects.

·         Project based laboratory assignments beyond curriculum are given in addition to assignments in the curriculum.

·         Students are trained on skill based knowledge beyond the curriculum as per industry need by in house or by Industry professionals on latest emerging technologies along with knowledge based education as per curriculum.

·         Students can enhance their knowledge and creativity through departmental magazine, special lectures, seminars and workshops by external expert or by in house expertise on specialized area.

87 Laboratories: 
All the computer labs are well equipped with high end PCs along with latest legal System and Application software.
89 Library: 
In CSE dept is having departmental library facility from which students, technical  staff, faculties may collect various study materials, books, eBooks, Video lectures, Research paper   beyond the syllabus. The departmental library posses few lectures listed below: 

            1. Various type of Reference Book
            2. Various type of eBooks. 
            3. Various research papers Various E Journals ,printed Journals.
            4.  NPTL Video lecture copy Technical Magazine

90 Distinguished Lectures​:
Arrangement of special lectures is done by distinguished Professors from reputed  academic Institutes and Industry.
91 Networking : 
The campus is centrally connected with high speed  leased line (1:1) internet and Wi Fi connectivity. Students can access the internet and Wi Fi facilities within the college hour to familiar with the latest technological updates as per their requirements, like Project Work and other Academic Purposes.The l campus is centrally connected with high speed internet and Wi Fi connectivity. Students can access the internet and Wi Fi facilities within the college hour to familiar with the latest technological updates as per their requirements, like Project Work and other Academic Purposes.
92 R&D Lab: 
The department of Computer Science & Engineering has introduced a R&D Lab entitled “Centre for Research in Machine Learning and Intelligence”. The Research Centre, which has been started on 03.05.2014. under the department of Computer Science and Engineering. The in house and faculty members from other Institutions are utilizing the resources of this center for PhD program. The B.Tech students are being benefited from this R&D lab for their final year research and application based project.
93 Online Assessment : 
Arrangement of  online assessment like Class assignment, Mock test,   preparation and practice of GATE exam, online feedback. Student can also prepare himself/herself for Campus interview through online Aptitude test/ Technical Test.
94 Laboratory for Advance Computing School:

Presently, the Indian and Global  IT Service Providers require a large number of skilled graduate Engineers. So students have to train on skill based education apart from knowledge based education to make the students Industry ready.

 The main objective  to develop the  new labs  is to impart graduates with specific skills  required to succeed in the rapid growing  IT  market coupled with practical knowledge of developing and designing different web based applications facilitating recruitment at leading Indian & Global IT service providers and starting up their own business with entrepreneurial  goals.
Program Goals & benefit to Institute: 
            1.From this Lab the students will be able to learn in industry based cutting-edge technology like
            2.Android Application Development, IOs Development,  Development of Big data Analysis         (Hadoop).
            3.Apart from that students will be able to train in the areas of  .NET Application Development, Advance Java, PHP , Python etc.
            4.At this lab students will be able to develop Apps for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)
            5.Recruitment and huge potential of getting hired at leading IT service providers 
            6.Start-Up with entrepreneurial goals as an Independent developer 
            7.Opportunity to work with real industry project with In-House Development team. 
            8.The local community will be benefited through different skill based training.

95  Access  of Journal:  
Student can access research paper from the following journals:
1)The IEEE journal under three society are procured by CSE Department. The names of the society are: 
(a) IEEE Society of Signal Processing.
(b) IEEE Society of Man, Systems and Cybernetics.
(c) IEEE Society of Computational Intelligence
2)  Membership of Computer Society of India (CSI)

96 Web-based Learning:
 The Internet is an open information system in which various sources of information, media and materials such as texts, images, video sequences can be linked together in diverse ways to from so-called self-learning environments. Internet offers new possibilities to structure, represent, adapt and integrate various learning content and materials. Furthermore, due to its interactivity, learners can process the material in accordance with their individual preferences and strategies at any time and from any place provided an internet connection is available. They may select and examine from a large pool of information only those pieces necessary to meet their learning objectives. Hence, the potential of the Internet self-learning mode is considered to be very high. The institute has created Central internet facility with 4 Mbps leased line and 6 computer terminals facility to promote and motivate students to self-learning.

Important contacts
Prof. (Dr.) Rajib Bag, H.O.D (CSE)
9433521490, 033-26831141, Extension: 215
Mr. Manab Kumar Das, AP & T.I.C (CSE)
Mr. Sayon Ghosh , AP(CSE)